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Stock Outlook

Stock Outlook

A complete inventory software for manufacturers and warehouses.

  • Track stock items at various inventory levels. Place orders and track them easily.
  • Compare rates from various suppliers and automate order placements.
  • Set reminders for individual stock levels and get reminded upon their occurrences.


A complete software for timber importers and saw mill owners.

  • Manage inventories and production, compare log consumption with sawn production as well as delivered timber logs with received timber logs.
  • Option to generate various reports based on consignments, species, origin and manufactured products.


An ERP Software for manufacturers.

  • Manage procurements, Production, Distribution and Accounting all in a single integrated software system.
  • Track business resources—cash, raw materials, production capacity—and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll

We take a lot of pride in our results. We deliver solutions as polished as possible, no matter complex.


An accounting and vehicle maintenance software for Truck Owners and Transport Contractors.

  • Easy to use multi-user software helps you track each trip and generate invoices for them.
  • Get reminders for critical jobs like paying for insurance premiums, submitting yearly and half yearly taxes, renewal of national / temporary permit or whatever you think requires to be reminded of…


A complete accounting software for Custom House Agents.

  • Generate shipping jobs for domestic, import and export consignments.Option to save relevant documents for future use.
  • Automated documentation, invoicing and various report generation.
  • Option to migrate accounting data to tally accounting software.
  • Multi-user, with customizable user access levels.

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Accounting and inventory software for Wholesalers and Retailers.

  • Customizable for various industrial verticals such as Petrol Pumps, Shopping Malls, Wholesalers and Retailers.
  • An easy to go user interface with automated inventory / accounts tracking.
  • Can be customized for barcoding for easier inventory tracking and using it for POS.


A restaurant management software

  • Manage table wise sales, menu item generation, menu item grouping, KOT generation and much more.
  • Get in depth reports for menu group wise sales, menu item wise sales, day’s collection, days sales, sales segregated by Dine-In, Home-Delivery, Room-Service and Banquet Hall.

We polish not just the interactions, also the performance and how the app interacts with you.

Cargo Manager

An inventory management software for liquid cargo terminals

  • Allows you to generate shipments for incoming cargo.
  • Receive cargo by road, pipeline or rail.
  • Create, manage and track Bill of Entry as well as Delivery Orders for cargo being cleared by customs.
  • Allocate transporters for outward transportation of cargo  and generate gate pass based on weighment received from weighbridge.

Scheme Manager

Accounting and receipt printing software for Land Developers and Scheme Organizers.

  • Complete accounting with option to migrate all accounting entries to tally accounting software.
  • Option to notify members for their receipt of instalments through SMS.
  • Various reports including receipt / payment register, Payment due reminders, Accounting ledgers and balance sheet, trial balance and many more …

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Visual Shipment

Export shipment management software for clearing and forwarding agents.

  • Create, manage and transfer shipments from one shipper to another or one shipment to another.
  • Receive and verify cargo for damage or shortage.
  • Manage inventories inside container freight station categorized by shipper, shipment, commodity, vessel, cfs, port of discharge, country of destination and shipping line.
  • Perform stuffing job request, stuffing and movement job request for received cargo.
Visual Shipment