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Technology investments are proven as the smartest way; to reduce high fixed costs and tight margins associated with transport business, deliver better services and provide solid platform for business growth.

FreightMan is windows based solution, for transport companies, which integrates with all the standard Microsoft tools. A uniform navigation is familiar and easier to learn. The system is highly configurable to provide flexibility and at the same time can also be tailored to meet your precise needs. We have served customers from every segment of the industry and range from small operators to those with hundreds and thousands of fleets; including vehicle owners, transport contractors and commission agents.

Contacts Management

Stay fully connected and master your contacts.

  • Create and manage contact details for consignor, consignee, commission agent, fuel pumps, driver/cleaners etc.
  • **Optionally send event driven SMS (Short Message Service) automatically; i.e. FreightMan can be configured to automatically send SMS to respective contact on events such as billing, payment receipt, delivery etc.
  • Manage multiple billing/delivery addresses for consignees and billing parties.
  • Attach scanned copies of Driving license, Photo identity proof etc. with Driver/Cleaner contacts.
  • Merge duplicate contacts.

Cost Management

Costs and challenges for running transport business increases by each passing day. To run transport operations efficiently, we have designed it to maximize operational efficiencies and minimize cost to help your business grow.

  • Book expenses incurred in a round trip including driver allowances.
  • Compare cash advance with expenses incurred and allocate balances to accounting ledgers.
  • Calculate days spent to complete a round trip and compare them with revenues generated to get income per day.
  • Provide opening and closing odometer reading and get mileage returned by the vehicle to complete a round trip.
  • ##Get cost managed by categories like diesel, tyres, lubricants, repairs etc. and compare them with revenues generated by each vehicle to get profitability.
  • ##Get vehicle expenses based on spare parts and thus monitor aging vehicles.

Trip Management

FreightMan’s easier Trip Management and flexible navigation lets you generate trips in a brisk. Its integration across all modules provides a complete and comprehensive coverage of all aspects from accounts, through transport and fleet management, scheduling to route optimization.

  • Create and manage trips for each and every vehicle; or easily import them, from Microsoft excel worksheet, directly to FreightMan.
  • **Create trip challans, Print Bilty (Lorry Receipt) or Freight Voucher from trips automatically.
  • Automatic allocation of cash and diesel advance to accounting ledgers.
  • Option to mention cash or diesel advance received from billing party.
  • Option to allocate expenses, other than freight, that can be billed to billing party or paid to vehicle owner/commission agent.
  • Create up to 10 customized fields for additional information to meet your requirement.
  • Manage shortage and detentions.

Trip Management

Bill Management

Generate professional freight invoices


  • Multiple options to filter trips for freight invoice generation.
  • Create freight invoice with detention charges or generate a separate invoice for detention charges.
  • Create freight invoice with expenses incurred on behalf of party or create separate debit note for the same.
  • Choose invoice format from wide range of pre-installed templates or let us create one as per your specification and print them on plain, headed or pre-printed paper.
  • **Supports multiple formats for invoice printing.
  • Get complete control over invoice nos. i.e. either same sequence can be allocated to each invoice or parallel sequence can be generated for different invoices.
  • FreightMan automatically ensures each trip is only billed once.

Hired vehicle / Subcontractor Management

Costs and calculations for both hired purchase and lease expenses for vehicles are performed automatically based on data retrieved from different modules. Automation of such operations minimizes risk of human errors.

  • The system automatically calculates when and how much a contractor should be paid and generates Freight Statement (payment advice / credit note) based on the same.
  • Software automatically manages deductions such as shortage, cash and diesel advance, TDS etc., and ensures each trip is only paid once.
  • There is no need for the subcontractor to invoice your company.

Hired Vehicle

Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting

FreightMan covers all the accounting and financial requirements of a transport business. You will love ability to drill into original transaction whenever it occurs without having to navigate in and out of modules.

  • Manage receipts, payments, journals and contras.
  • Manage debit notes and credit notes.
  • Manage cash and fund flow.
  • Manage bills receivables and bills payables.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Voucher Printing
  • **Cheque Printing

Get reminded anytime

Have you ever missed a date? With FreightMan, you can be left assured that you will never miss important things related to maintenance of your vehicles or other things which are required to be performed on time.

  • Set due dates and reminders for important events such as vehicle insurance, PUC, instalment and others.
  • Set due dates and reminders for Driving or HazChem license expiry of drivers.
  • ##Get reminded on vehicle maintenance events, such as Wheel Greasing and Oil Change.
  • Get reminded on trips pending to be billed.


Workshop Management

Workshop Management

FreightMan helps you manage workshop and maintenance operations to ensure you meet the regulatory and safety standards for all vehicles in the most cost efficient and well planned way.

  • Track maintenance history of each and every vehicle and generate detailed reports with accurate costs.
  • System predicts when the maintenance needs to be carried out based on odometer or date information from vehicle’s master data.
  • A fully integrated stock control system keeps parts and individual stock records; including stock of old tyres.
  • Reduce administrative cost to manage compliance.

Supply Management


  • Get reports based on parts, diesel and tyres purchased, filter by date, supplier and item name.
  • Compare rates for individual items to get vendor with the lowest rates.
  • **Generate purchase order using purchase order builder so that software help you generate purchase order based on recent purchase history with lowest rates.
  • Automatically match invoices with delivery notes.

Supply Management


Get insights from your business

The FreightMan reporting suite includes wide range of reports that help you set real time goals and track the right metrics. It helps you assess, compare, summarize and scrutinize performance and gives you a quick view of the most critical data.


Trip Reports

  • Get reports on trip history with loading and unloading details, cash and diesel advances, shortage, detention, outward bill details, inward bill details and more. Which can be filtered by virtually anything that you can think of, be it consignor, consignee, subcontractor, vehicle no, product, loading station, unloading station to name few.
  • Trip Sundries let you figure out cost centres allocated to various trips which can be categorized in inward or outward receivables as well as outward deductibles.
  • Diesel register lets you assess diesel consumption for a trip which can be assessed based on pump, vehicle, date and subcontractor.
  • **Delivery Order Details lets you assess status of delivery order and trips performed against each delivery order with balance quantity.
  • Shortage register lets you assess trips with shortage, which can be filtered by vehicle no. date, party, subcontractor, loading and unloading station.
  • Un-billed trips generate a report on trips that are pending either to be inward or outward billing.

Comparison Reports

  • Compare income as against expenses incurred during a trip in trip-wise income register.
  • ##Vehicle Statement lets you compare revenues generated by a vehicle during a said period as against expenses incurred through Trip Expense, Fuel consumption, Tyres, Spares, Repairs and Lubricants, to identify profitable and loss making vehicles.
  • Comparison report lets you compare income generated from a hired vehicle as against expenses incurred in hiring, to calculate commission income.

Summary Reports

  • Get summary reports on delivery orders, Trips, Commission Income and Freight Statement to name few.
  • ##Vehicle revenues, costs and profits down to per kilometre level.
  • Reports on profitable routes down to per kilometre level.
  • ##Comprehensive reporting on the profitability of each and every vehicle and vehicle groups.

Financial Reports

  • Reports on Freight Invoices, Freight Statements, Receipts, Payments, Journals and Contras.
  • Day Book, Cash/Bank Book, Ledger Book, Ledger Book (Bill-wise) and Ledger Vouchers.
  • Purchase and Sales bills pending.
  • Outstanding receivables and payables.
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss account
  • Trial Balance
  • Outstanding statements

Inventory Reports##

  • Reports on Stock Summary, Movement and vouchers.
  • Stock Inward and Outward Registers.
  • Tyre consumption report

Secure and accessible


  • Role based profiles can be used to secure and simplify process, features and functions for each group of employees.
  • Keep an eye on who did what?
    • System automatically saves information such as who created, modified or accessed which entry, at what time and from which computer.
    • You can also track which entry was deleted by whom, at what time and from which computer.
  • **Online connectivity provides real time low cost access to information across all parts of your business.
  • **Offline connectivity provides the cheapest and almost real time access to information across all parts of your business.

Secure and Accessible

Special Features

Special Features

  • Fully customizable to meet your requirement
  • Multi company generation
  • Multi user
  • SMS integration
  • Option for multi site online synchronization
  • Option for multi site offline synchronization
  • Voucher and Report level user based security
  • Backup and Restore companies
  • Tally Integration
  • Directly open vouchers from reports
  • Print, Email or Export vouchers and reports
  • Email or Export vouchers and reports in various  file formats such as PDF, Doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx  etc.

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FreightMan combines all the features required for a complete fleet management application in a single software.
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Investment Security

Investment Security

>> Lifetime licenses – use is possible without time restrictions.
>> 1 year free customer support.
>> 1 month free for customization.
>> Telephonic and online consultation or support via competent employees.
>> Easy and affordable post-warranty subscriptions

FreightMan works seemlessly with following services

  • Tally accounting software
    Import data from tally accounting software or export to the same.
  • Microsoft Office
    Import data from excel worksheet or export to word, excel, outlook express etc.
  • Acrobat Reader
    Export data from FreightMan to create PDF files.

If you want us to show you what our software can do for you, Tell us something about you and we will gladly arrange a live demo for you,

We are using FreightMan since 2005, and we highly recommend anybody who requires an accounting and ERP solution for Transport Company

- Harsiddha Transport, Gandhidham, Gujarat

We use FreightMan daily to manage our accounts and operations. It's fast and intuitive and does exactly what we need for our transport company.

- Rajmoti Road Movers, Kodinar, Gujarat

FreightMan has changed the way we manage our accounts and operations. This is exactly what a great software can offer.

- Mahadev Transport Co., Sanchor, Rajasthan

We are wondering how easy our job has become after implementing FreightMan at our various branch offices. We opted for offline synchronization of branch offices with our head office and it works seamlessly

- Shree Rajshakti Logistics, Bhuj, Gujarat

We opted for online version of FreightMan connecting through our various offices all over india, and we are very satisfied with the way things have gone thus far.

- Shree Momay Transport, Jamnagar, Gujarat

Our prizing includes free

  • Personalized Training
  • Customization for the first month of purchase
  • Telephonic/Remote Support for the first year of purchase

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Particulars Amount (INR)
Single user Accounts + Vehicle Maintenance
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35000/- (per license)
Single user Accounts Only
(for lifetime use)
20000/- (per license)
Single user Vehicle Maintenance Only
(for lifetime use)
20000/- (per license)
Add-on workstations (local)
(for lifetime use)
2000/- (per workstation)
Add-on workstations (remote)
(for lifetime use)
5000/- (per workstation)

Frequently asked Questions

How can I pay ?

We are going to accept online payments very soon, for the mean time you can pay through a high value cheque or demand draft in favor of Extreme Solutions and payable at Gandhidham.

You can also use RTGS or NEFT modes of payment, if you wish to.

Will I have to pay renewal charges ?

No, our prizing are for lifetime use.

What is included in the training ?

A comprehensive and gradual training program will be held by our experienced team member to get you on board.

You will get help with each and every module and will also get to know some hidden features as you get along.

What customization can I request ?

Anything, that you find you need it your way, you can ask. Most of the customization for the first month of purchase will remain free.

Can I request customization after first month of purchase ?

Yes, you can ask for customization at anytime, however, it will be at some prize after the first month of purchase.

What will be the charges for customization after first month of purchase ?

It depends on what kind of customization you are asking for. We will let you know estimated time and cost for the customization at the time of your request.

What is telephonic/remote support ?

In case if you get stuck somewhere, You will be personally attended by one of our team member to guide you on telephone or assist you through remote desktop software.

Will I get support after first year of purchase ?

Yes, but at a prize.

What will it cost for telephonic/remote support  after first year of purchase ?

Our subscriptions are simple and easy to understand. You can buy our annual support contract and enjoy support for a year or you can buy support tickets (minimum 10), which can be used without any time restrictions.