Domain Registration

What is Domain Registration ?


In order for your business, organization or portal to go online, It requires a webiste. Your website requires a name to be identified over internet; i.e. Your website visitors will require that name to visit your website. This name is required to be registered before it can be used with your website. The process of registring your name is known as domain registration.

All the website that you visit over internet, you remember them by a specific name and that name is called their domain name. All those website owners have registered their respective domain name before publically launching their website.

Do I need to have a website before registering a domain name ?

No, you can register domain name, even if you don’t have any website. In fact, there are so many domains being registered without any website. You can use your domain name in order to create email addresses that refer to your company name, such as,

What should I choose as a domain name for my website ?

A domain should usually refer to the name of your business, organization, product or nature of business you want to publishise. However you need to make sure that it is easy to remember and short enough to be spelled correctly. A domain name can contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and hyphens (-) and must not have any spaces in between.

Once somebody registers a domain name, that domain name won’t be available to anyone else.
So, If you want to register your domain name, you need to first check whether it is available or not.

What if domain name that I want to register has already been registered ?

You can either look up for its owner, contact him and ask him to give it to you or wait to be get dropped or hire domain catchers who assist you in obtaining that domain name for you or you can choose other TLD (Top Level Domain) while retaining the name you want to register; i.e. If is already registered, If available, You can register or or

If none of the above is possible, you need to make a change in your domain name.

What if I already have registered a domain and want to transfer it to you ?

If you have access to the control panel of your domain, You need to generate an authcode and share it with us. We will take responsibility of the rest of the process. During the domain transfer process, you might be contacted by your current registrar asking for reason of transfering the domain. You may also receive an email during the domain transfer process to verify whether it was you who initited the process.

That’s enough of an information, Let me register my domain…